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Unreal Engine 4 build file demystified

In this post I’ll try to describe and explain the internals of the Unreal Engine *.Build.cs file. There is a lot of confusion going on among the beginners and people often just copy/paste contents of this file without actually knowing what they’re doing.

This article expects the reader to have a certain level of ability in programming and to be familiar with at least the very basics of C++ language. Otherwise, you may end up being even more confused. If you’ve noticed a mistake in the text or if you think that I’ve got something totally wrong, I urge you to use the comments section below.

So, what is this *.Build.cs file exactly?

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“Programming Languages”
by Dan Grossman

I’ve just finished this course and thought it to be a good idea to share some of my impressions. First of all – it was great! This course is really deep and significantly more complicated than the most of other MOOCs out there. I would even compare it with my time at university, difficulty level is pretty much on-par. It teaches a good measure of important and useful programming idioms and provides you with a set of quite challenging practical assignments. The course took around 2 months and, once again, it was a time well spent.

So, for anyone who is interested in functional programming and its key features, it is a “must-have” for sure. Being an OOP guy myself, taking this course have really broadened my perspective on software develompent and code design in general. I’m pretty sure that there will be other sessions going on in the future so it’s a good idea to subscribe right now. And no, I’m not affiliated with creators of this course or with Coursera or whoever else. It’s just my honest and humble opinion. After all, it’s completely free.